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Of This and Other Worlds

This world of ours, and worlds unseen / and thin the boundary between

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R.J. Anderson
I'm an evangelical Christian (open brethren), a wife and mother of three boys, and a professional author of fantasy and science fiction for children and teens. My first novel, a contemporary fantasy, was published in 2009 in the UK/Aus/NZ by Orchard Books under the title Knife, and in North America by HarperCollins as Spell Hunter. The sequel, called Rebel in the UK and Wayfarer in North America, was published in 2010, and the third in the trilogy, Arrow, was released in the UK in early 2011. A related but distinct series kicked off with Swift (2012) and Nomad (2014). I've also written a paranormal YA thriller called Ultraviolet (2011) and its sequel Quicksilver (2013), and a magical mystery series beginning with A Pocket Full of Murder (2015), and concluding with A Little Taste of Poison coming in Sept. 2016.


Friending Policy: If you enjoy reading this journal, you're welcome to friend it -- no need to ask permission. If it stops being interesting to you, feel free to defriend -- no explanation or apology required.

If you are on my Friends list, it means that I'm in the habit of reading your LJ regularly because we seem to have a lot of common interests (or share some of the interests I consider most important). If you are not on my Friends list, it doesn't mean that I don't like you or don't read your LJ, just that there isn't quite the same degree of commonality or frequency of visits to your page. Nothing personal, either way. And if my interests and reading habits change, I may end up defriending you, but please don't take that personally either.


The majority of posts on this journal are public; only personal stuff is friends-locked. Anonymous commenting is off for the moment to discourage spammers, but I hope to turn it on again at a future time.

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