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Stop me before I icon again!

Severus and Maud (and their quotes) are circa D&L; the Snapelets are portrayed at varying ages, which is why Margot looks the oldest even though she isn't.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Albion and Severus were the hardest, because I had to do a lot of manipulation. Severus started with a screencap of John Wood from WarGames, but the changes are significant. Albion, meanwhile, is partially based on an old pic of Simon MacCorkindale, but with completely different hair and a major nose and jawline adjustment. The others are simply pictures of models I found while browsing through various image banks, and tweaked in Photoshop Elements to get the colours and facial proportions right.

I like working this small. It's a very forgiving medium. :)
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