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More of those quiz-type things...

Gacked from penwiper26, it's the Morality Test:

Check out my Morality! 41% liberal, 59% conservative

Am I the only one who thinks that "Check out my morality!" sounds like a really cheesy pick-up line? Which brings me to the opposite end of the intelligence spectrum, the The Match.com Attraction Test (gacked from dragonpaws):

Interestingly, a lot of the features you liked are not especially popular. They're not what usually defines "mainstream" attractiveness for men. But who cares what the mainstream thinks?! Below is a list of some of the unique features you found appealing in men.

Unique Features You Like:
  • Very attractive Hispanic or Latino men (it's true! *sob* I miss Gael on 24! Bad pageboy haircut and all!)
  • Thin, angular faces with a classic or refined look (heh.)
  • Unique, larger sized noses (double heh.)
  • Glasses and the sophisticated and smart look that goes with them
  • Bald or shaved heads on a sexy guy
  • You appreciate how sexy someone very lean or slender can be (triple heh.)

    And if you really want to know, The Full Report

    My chief complaint about the latter test is that most of the guys in the test pictures looked so... all-American to me. Square-jawed football players and surfer dudes, meh. Without any personality data, it was hard for me to imagine being interested in any of them...

    Edited to add this one, gacked from sff_corgi:


    synaesthete7's LiveJournal Friend Stats I
    Biggest digital packrat:
    Most easily-distracted:
    Most friendly:
    Most popular:
    Most communities:
    Oldest on LJ:
    Newest to LJ:
    What Are YOUR LiveJournal Friend Stats?

    (Beta - May be slow for those with large friends lists)

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