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So as soon as I finished watching tonight's episode of Alias, I knew I had to page avarill...

rj_anderson: Wow, look at the sharks jumping!
avarill: how bad was it
rj_anderson: *hits head on desk repeatedly*
rj_anderson: Blood in the water, I tell you. The only good parts were the Weiss bits.
avarill: did Sloane reveal he was Sydney's father?
avarill: *gag* *spew*
rj_anderson: Oh, he danced around it.
rj_anderson: He's not, of course. He's just wacked enough to think he is.
rj_anderson: I really have no fear on that score.
avarill: yeah... well my problem is that it just gets us further away from J/I
avarill: another reason not to trust Irina
rj_anderson: It's just JJ pretending to be clever. But even he has to know that making Jack *not* Sydney's father would be fundamentally ruinous to the show.
rj_anderson: Well, we don't know the details. For all we know Sloane could think Sydney was cooked up in a test tube somewhere.
rj_anderson: I just can't see Irina sleeping with Sloane, I truly can't.
avarill: neither can I
avarill: *shudder*
avarill: then again
avarill: he could be lying about it so that he can drive a wedge between Irina and Jack and Syd
avarill: just like Katya did per Irina
rj_anderson: That too.
rj_anderson: Especially since he went to some lengths when talking to Dr. Barnett to verify that Jack and Sydney were her clients... I wouldn't be surprised if he's hoping to use her to convey that information to them.
avarill: yeah
rj_anderson: Oh, and evil!Lauren and Sark being smitten with her? The Sark fans will SPIT NAILS.
avarill: no kidding
rj_anderson: They will HATE this episode, I guarantee it.
avarill: Lauren is just...
rj_anderson: I was feeling sorry for them the whole time...
avarill: What WAS JJ smoking?
avarill: I'd like to know WHO ON EARTH thinks that Lauren adds ANYTHING to the show
rj_anderson: I know!
avarill: and the Lauren hate is universal
rj_anderson: Seriously.
avarill: I mean, J/I fans hate her, Sarkney fans hate her, S/Ver's hate her
avarill: MG can't act
rj_anderson: No, and her characterization is flat as a pancake, too.
avarill: I mean, I was willing to give her a chance and all
avarill: but it's just pathetic
rj_anderson: So was I -- in fact I was really expecting her to be an interesting and dynamic character.
rj_anderson: Oh, Sark is so obviously *besotted* with Lauren, too. He thinks she is sexxxxay because she kills people so nicely. *gags*
avarill: Sark deserves so much better
avarill: he's supposed to be interesting
avarill: he's been a great big yawn this season. And so has Dixon.
rj_anderson: One thing I will say for David Anders -- he is a really terrific actor. Even though he had a lot of idiotic stuff to do in this episode, he pulled it off with as much flair as I think anyone could.
avarill: yes. All of the actors are good. Except MG.
avarill: she can't make anything look good.
rj_anderson: The highlights are all the scenes with Weiss in them, all the scenes with Jack in them, and I have to confess, the Sloane and Dr. Barnett scenes were cool too. And McKenas Cole is so wacky he's fun to watch. Otherwise, meh.
avarill: yeah
rj_anderson: Oh! But I forgot the part where I actually pointed at the screen and yelled "IT'S JUMPED THE SHARK!!!"
avarill: which scene????
rj_anderson: It was the part where Marshall is talking Syd and Vaughn through a (totally ludicrous) security system, where they only have five minutes to get through and they could be killed fifty different ways if he's not paying complete attention, and Carrie comes BARGING IN, announces she's going to have the baby right away, but she can't go to the hospital until Marshall marries her RIGHT NOW.
rj_anderson: Um, Carrie, there is such a thing as "unprofessional conduct", and then there is such a thing as COMPLETE AND TOTAL IDIOCY BEYOND ALL POSSIBLE SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF.
rj_anderson: Anyway, Weiss ends up marrying them (!!!!!)
rj_anderson: And then Marshall goes back to his work.
rj_anderson: Ooh, was that a Great White I saw on the horizon?
avarill: yeah. They're circling.
rj_anderson: My husband was disgusted that he wasted an hour on that episode.
rj_anderson: I don't blame him. Well, except for the joke Weiss made about not being able to choose between Posh and Sporty, which confirmed my conviction that I must, must start an LJ community called Sweiss_Girls.
avarill: I'll join!
rj_anderson: Weiss snarking at Vaughn? Comedy gold. Almost made the rest of the episode's suckitude bearable. But only almost.

I really am starting to worry that JJ Abrams has lost interest in this show and is too busy playing with other projects to pay attention to it any more. Rather like Chris Carter did with The X-Files. Sigh.
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