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Excuse my pedantry, but...

This has been nagging at me for weeks now and I just feel I have to get it off my chest.

Dear J.J.,

For three seasons of Alias now you've been playing around with love triangles, or what you think are triangles. In S1 and S2 you hinted at Syd/Vaughn/Will and also at Will/Frallison/Sark, and now in S3 we have Syd/Vaughn/Lauren. Aside from the fact that this sort of thing has been done 10,000 times before and that I have yet to see it done well, I just have one nit to pick:

Those aren't triangles. They're just angles.

In a real love triangle, all three of the participants have established relationships and deep feelings for each other. For instance, Arthur loves Guinevere, who loves him in return but also loves Lancelot; Lancelot loves Guinevere but is also Arthur's best friend; and Arthur loves both Guinevere and Lancelot as well. Each member of the triangle is torn between two people they care about, not just one. That's one of the reasons the Arthurian legend is classic.

By contrast, in the so-called triangles that we've seen on Alias, there's always a missing side. Sure, both Will and Vaughn are in love with Syd, and she cares for both of them in return, but the two men didn't even meet each other until S2. Likewise, Syd had never even heard of Lauren before Vaughn married her, and although they're both linked to Vaughn, they don't relate at all well to each other. And that missing connection between the base corners of the triangle makes the whole scenario substantially less interesting and complex.

It would have been fascinating, I think, to see Syd struggling to reconcile her feelings for Vaughn with her growing respect for and appreciation of Lauren. Not to mention that having married a really great girl instead of a dull and secretly evil one would have made Vaughn look a lot less weak and stupid, as well. But alas, it's too late to salvage Lauren's character, or to make her a plausible friend for Syd. Better luck next time, I guess...

Of course, if you decided to do a real triangle one of these days, there's always Syd/Vaughn/Weiss... but nah.

Yours sincerely,
R.J. Anderson
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