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Fun with Outtakes

Something that didn't make it into the last part of "What You Never Knew You Wanted", because my concept for the scene changed halfway through the writing process -- but it was such fun to write I couldn't resist sharing anyway.

Scene: Syd has run out of the nightclub, and followed Weiss's trail down to some warehouses by the Jakarta docks. She finds Weiss tied up behind some crates, and as she unties him, tells him they'd better move fast because Sark is sure to be coming after them. To which Weiss says...

"So it's Sark. I'm not worried about this. 'Cause every time you go up against Sark, you kick his--"


The door flies open, and a lean silhouette steps into the light. It's Sark. And he's armed.

With a bazooka.

"Okay," says Weiss in your ear, "maybe not this time."
[end outtake]

Alas, I had to murder this darling when I realized I'd be adding a whole bunch of unnecessary running around just for the sake of one joke... not to mention that the mood didn't really fit the rest of the scene. So no great loss.
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