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Strike Up The Band

Gacked from somebody else a few hours back, but most recently seen on friede's LJ:

1) Put all your songs into a playlist, or cue up your most recently used playlist.
2) Set it to random play.
3) Note down the first 20 songs it chooses

  • Cock Robin, "Straighter Line"
  • Neil Finn, "Don't Ask"
  • a-ha, "A Little Bit"
  • Robbie Williams, "Millennium" (What? What? Why are you all looking at me like that?)
  • Rain Tree Crow, "Black Water"
  • Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet, "Who Do You Think You Are"
  • Michael Card, "Live This Mystery"
  • a-ha, "Did Anyone Approach You" (and now iz ze part of Rebecca's playlist where ve dance!!!)
  • a-ha, "Locust"
  • Gary and Dave, "Could You Ever Love Me Again" (forgive me, Gary)
  • a-ha, "Early Morning"
  • The Waterboys, "A Pagan Place"
  • Neil Finn, "Elastic Heart"
  • Sting, "Seven Days"
  • Talk Talk, "It's Getting Late In The Evening" (a cut which made it onto the D&L soundtrack!)
  • Morten Harket, "Ready To Go Home"
  • Sting, "They Dance Alone"
  • U2, "A Sort of Homecoming"
  • China Crisis, "King in a Catholic Style" (bops cheerfully)
  • Lone Justice, "Wheels" (if I were auditioning for Canadian Idol? I would sing this song for the judges.)

    Gee, guess what band I have the most songs from?

    And in completely unrelated news, WHAT IS WITH THE LACK OF WEISS? I'm starting to get annoyed here, seriously. Sure, he's there from time to time, he gets to say a word now and then -- but that's all. Grrr!

    Oh, and if I were supposed to feel even slightly sorry for Vaughn at this point? Not happening.
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