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I've just realized that there's barely a shred of HP content on the entire front page of my LJ. One would think I'd switched fandoms, or something. I haven't, honest! I'm still writing fic, at least in theory. I mean, I have that Alias/HP crossover WiP, the monumentally depressing Snape family fic (of which I've already written half of the next scene, only I keep forgetting it's there because Margot seems to have given up on me and stalked off in disgust), and...


Um, that's all I have at the moment, actually.

Agh! Maybe I am switching fandoms, or at least slowly drifting away from HP. But I loved ixchelmala and lizardlaugh's Funky Chess Theory With Ron=Dumbledore Bits, even if I'm not completely sure I believe all of it. And I'm working on a proposal for a presentation at conventionalley -- that has to count for something, right?
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