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Very sorry to all of you, whose posts and comments I've been reading over the past few days but haven't had time to respond to. However, now that I have successfully got Knife out the door, my oven cleaned, and my computer reformatted, I'm trying to remedy the more serious omissions...

First, to reveilles, my heartiest congratulations on your engagement! What wonderful news! Knowing what a sensible person you are, I am sure you will not turn into Bridezilla (though preparations for even a modest wedding are enough to make anyone insane, in my experience). May the Lord guide and bless you both as you prepare to embark on this new phase of your lives.

narcissam, thanks for your post on Potterian nomenclature -- otherwise well-written HP fic where the names are too modern, or too American, or too obviously drawn from the author's own list of Pretty Names I Would Like To Have, is one of my biggest pet peeves, so it's great to see the issue sensibly and helpfully addressed.

Ooh, I want an interrobang on my keyboard now! And whatever they call those other things.

cusickfan1, I watched some more of the Gospel of John DVD extras yesterday, including the interview with HIC. Really interesting stuff, and it just reinforced my impression that he could easily do the role again without getting typecast. Especially when I realized just how dark HIC's natural hair really is compared to the extensions he wore in the film...

Oh, and lydaclunas, thanks for the link to your audio post -- it was very cool to hear your voice at last! And you're quite right -- you don't have an accent. Or at least, not what I would consider an accent. :)

Also, naomichana in her blog and calanthe_b in this LJ entry have managed to articulate and explain all my misgivings about the LotR movies in general and RotK in particular, much better than I could. Now I really want to read the books again.

chresimos, you thought that rant would shock people? Seriously? I think you'll have to try harder than that. :)

And finally, my heartfelt thanks to all here and at the blog who have encouraged me and wished me success with Knife. You guys are the best.
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