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MERLIN: "The Last Dragonlord" (2x13)

Oh, show. You give me John Lynch being... John Lynch, and Colin Morgan turning in one of his most brilliant and heartbreaking performances (the fact that he can hold his own with John Lynch, and that Bradley also does it to a less obvious extent with ASH in this episode, is really impressive) and more Arthur/Gwen goodness and CGI that isn't dodgy at all, and then you tell me I have to wait another year for S3. WHY. WHY MUST I WAIT.

The Knights of Camelot are like the redshirts in TOS, only worse because instead of them getting offed by ones and twos, they get toasted by fives and sixes, or in this case, twelves. HARSH.

Yay for the Morgana mention! (I miss Katie McGrath already. I know she wasn't the greatest actor in the cast, but she wasn't that bad and she was always so lovely to look at. I hope they find more uses for her next season.) And for Gaius and Gwen having that lovely conversation. I <3 Gaius. There are so many brilliant actors on this show, all around.

I was pretty sure the dragon wasn't going to die. I'm kind of glad he didn't, actually, because I can see Useful Plot Things he could do later on -- but I'm also glad that they've now broken out of the formula of "Hey, Merlin, got a problem you can't solve? Go down and visit the dragon!" It'll be interesting to see how Merlin solves things next season without benefit of the Draconic Oracle.

Also, that last pre-battle conversation between Arthur and Merlin? Heartbreaking. I really thought for a moment Arthur was going to tell him to look out for Gwen for him if anything happened (which would have been a little misguided, but sweet), and then he spouted that heroic nonsense about no man being worth tears. Idiot. And yet... that's Arthur. And Merlin's joke about the armor was so Merlin. I love their friendship. Loved the scene in the inn where Arthur was clumsily trying to get Merlin to open up, too. He's such a giant meathead sometimes.

...Do I really not have a MERLIN tag? Is this actually the first time I've posted about this show I've been watching (first skeptically, then indulgently, and finally with delight and deep affection) for the last two years? Wow. Okay then.

And why do I have no icons of Colin Morgan?
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