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I have been completely scatterbrained and generally useless these past few days, because on Friday the nice UPS man knocked at my door and brought me my new 15" MacBook Pro.

It has been nearly ten years since I worked on an Apple computer -- I used to use one when I worked in graphic design, but the PowerMacs we had there crashed and froze up almost as much as the PCs I was used to, and I really couldn't see what was supposed to be so great about them.

I take it back, Apple. I take it ALL back. Maybe I am just beguiled by the novelty of having a real shiny modern laptop instead of the giant 11-year-old Toshiba boat anchor I bought on the cheap a couple of years ago; maybe I am just excited about being able to access e-mail and the Web whenever I want. But no, I think it's more than that. It's just so nicely designed and has so many sensible and intuitive features! And although I still have a lot to learn about how to use it properly (and a lot of files and e-mails to somehow transfer from my PC to the laptop, ack!), it didn't take me long to get a handle on the basics.

Anyway, yes. My new laptop has a nice matte titanium finish and a shiny monitor that renders fonts and images with amazing sharpness, and the battery lasts for SEVEN HOURS, and already I am thinking I need to name this thing, which I have never wished to do with any other piece of computer equipment I've ever owned.

(Oh, who am I kidding? I've already named it. Go ahead, guess what it's called -- the first one to guess correctly gets a virtual prize!)

ETA: I suppose it's not fair to assume people know the workings of my brain (though pgoodman13 did come quite close with the explanation, just the wrong guess!) or can be expected to remember the name of a character in a book that's not even sold yet. Anyway, I'm calling it Faraday, because I bought it as a reward for finishing Touching Indigo.
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