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A first look inside REBEL, and other exciting news (psst! CONTEST!)

I just got my first pass pages for Rebel today from my UK publisher! It's so exciting to see my manuscript all typeset and laid out like a real book!

Now I just have to get my copyedits on the US edition (Wayfarer), so I can cross-reference the two and make sure that the text of both editions ends up being more or less the same...


And speaking of the UK and the US, I am delighted to announce that the Seven, a group of talented debut authors of which I am honored to be a part, is offering SEVEN FREE BOOKS to two lucky winners!

You could win a copy of Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter OR a copy of the UK edition Knife, along with six other hot YA titles -- Saundra Mitchell's atmosphere-drenched paranormal mystery Shadowed Summer, Sarah MacLean's sparkling Regency romance The Season, Carrie Ryan's haunting literary zombie novel The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Aprilynne Pike's fresh and unexpected fairy story Wings, Sarah Cross's dynamic teen superhero novel Dull Boy, and Sarah Rees Brennan's witty, breathtaking and heart-stealing adventure The Demon's Lexicon.

All you have to do is pop by the contest site starting tomorrow, July 1, and give us your name, your e-mail, and whether you'd prefer to win the US or the UK editions of the books. Yes, it really is that easy! So visit the Summer of Seven site today!

You can also follow the Seven on Twitter at @summerofseven.
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