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What I Did On My Texas Vacation

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Well, not really a vacation. I took a shuttle to Detroit and flew from there to Houston on Friday morning, and then reversed the process to come home late Sunday night. But it was well worth the trip, because I went for the wedding of lydaclunas, one of my oldest online friends, and while there I had a wonderful chance to visit with callyperry, wahlee_98, risti and @melanie_seibert as well.

Rather than give you a detailed recap, I shall simply list for you some of the brand-new experiences I gained from this weekend:

- Had my feet inspected at the Detroit airport, for reasons which are still mysterious to me. I will say, however, that when the male security officer asked me to sit down and then called for a female security officer to come over, and a grim-faced woman marched toward me snapping on blue latex gloves, I feared my fate would be much worse than a mere businesslike stroke of the metatarsals.

- Read Moribito: The Guardian of the Spirit, which I liked very much.

- Received a marriage proposal from a four-year-old (which would have been more flattering if his mother hadn't told me "he says that to everybody").

- Ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream for the first time (Chocolate Therapy, for the record) with wahlee_98 and the delightful angua9, neither of whom I'd met in person before.

- Heard my book read out loud by someone other than myself (in this case, callyperry's Kindle 2). A surreal experience.

- Drank Nestea Red Tea Pomegranate Passion Fruit, which is a thing of surpassing greatness, and now I am very sad it is not available in Canada.

- Attended a marriage ceremony in a Catholic church -- made further memorable by its being presided over by a Ugandan priest and featuring the most sublime wedding music I've ever heard, but most of all by lydaclunas looking utterly stunning as she exchanged vows with her equally handsome groom.

- Ate Red Velvet Cake (this one with chocolate frosting), a thing of which I had heard but never tried. Yummy! Also, there was a champagne-flavored MST3K cake mocking one of the engagement photos, which was hilarious -- see photo above.

- Watched a couple (in this case, the newlyweds) dance the foxtrot to Queen's "You're My Best Friend".

- Bought a Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latté from Starbucks. I have never been to Starbucks before. Truly. (Verdict on the latté: A bit too sweet and creamy for a proper tea experience, but still good.)

- Read The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Vol I: The Pox Party. M.T. Anderson is a genius. Highly Recommended.

And now I am home again!
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