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HOUSE: "Saviors" (4x21)


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Wow, has it been that long since I did an episode review for this show? I have still been watching House, you know -- long after virtually everybody I knew had given up on it, or nearly so. Right now it is actually the only network show I still watch on a weekly basis (since Doctor Who has gone to specials for the year, and the UK TV season is so short that stuff like Merlin hardly counts).

I also seem to have forgotten to mention at any point in the last two years that I never had a problem with the whole fire-the-old-ducklings-and-replace-them motif. I thought it actually did a lot to keep the show from becoming stale, and although I'm not a big fan of Thirteen by any means I could never work myself up to actively hating her or blaming her and the other Mark II Ducklings for replacing Chase and Cameron.

I even liked the Chase/Cameron thing once it became a proper romance, and don't find myself sorry that House/Cameron didn't work out after all. (Actually I still think House/Cate from Antarctica would have been the best match ever, but you know these long distance relationships...)

But anyway, let's talk about the episode!


Well, I totally did not see that ending coming -- either of them. I'm actually very happy and relieved that Chase proposed and Cameron accepted; I would have been annoyed if the show had broken them up, and it was looking awfully like it from the previews last week. I'm glad Cameron is over House, really. And it'll be an interesting dynamic to have a married Chase and Cameron around (assuming/hoping they actually make it to the altar, that is).

Have I mentioned that I love Chase, and have done pretty much since "The Mistake" way back in S2? Not because I think he's cute, or anything shallow of that sort. In fact I actually found Kutner more attractive looks-wise, but House still beats both of them. Not sure why Hugh Laurie without stubble and a British accent should be hardly attractive to me at all, but that's another story. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Love Chase's character, not a looks thing, will be glad to see more of him next season (reportedly).

But! But! Amber showing up at the end to reassure House of his sanity?! I knew that was going to happen (thanks for the spoiler, Twitter) but it still freaked me out. What's up with that?

Amazing how a show so formulaic can keep me interested after five years. It really is the characters -- or I should say one particular character: House, in all his dysfunctional, infinitely strange glory.
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