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DOCTOR WHO: "Planet of the Dead" (Easter Special)

Previously posted on Twitter, but reproduced and edited here because I'm lazy that way:

OK, RTD, you cannot leave DOCTOR WHO soon enough for me. Like YESTERDAY would be good. So sick of the "everybody worships the Doctor" crud -- Malcolm was especially irritating (all the more so since the character was such a silly caricature). And I'm also tired of RTD's denouements that go on and on and ON and on and ON long after the action has ceased and leave me looking at my watch. He always has to wrap up everything in this neat little package and frankly, he hasn't made me care enough about ALL those characters for it to matter.

That being said, Michelle Ryan was full of win. If the Doctor weren't being all King of Pain she would have been a fun companion, yes.

Final Rating for "Planet of the Dead": 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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