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Thank you for being a friend...

I've been thinking lately of how nice it is to have so many loyal readers (some of whom have been here since this journal started in 2003!) who have not only stuck with me as I hopped from fandom to fandom, but even bore with me patiently as I turned into one of those Crazy Author Types who hardly ever talks about anything but writing (and worse, her own writing).

Some of you make yourself known by commenting regularly; others only chip in now and then; and some of you just quietly lurk in the background. But I just want to say to all of you -- thanks.

And speaking of readers, this week I received a very special piece of fan mail:

Dear R J Anderson

Me and my Mum are loving reading Knife together. I want to be a story teller when I'm older.

Megan as Knife
Originally uploaded by rj-anderson
I like your book much better than the books they make for children, Knife has attitude!

I dressed up as her for schools book day and told my whole class about what the story was about. I said that fairy stories didn't need to be all girlie.Mum put talc in my hair to make it white.I could send you a photo.

Thank you for writing such an interesting story that both me and my mum love

Megan Kerridge (8 1/2)
Warrington England

Well, of course I wanted to see the picture! And now, with her Mum and Dad's permission, I'm posting it here in my blog.

This really is the kind of thing that makes an author's day -- no, really, week. So thank you, Megan (and your Mum and Dad too!).
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