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Faery Adventures and Writing Struggles

I am a bit insanely excited about this, from Laini Taylor's blog:

Silksinger cover -- revealed!

This would be the second book in the Dreamdark series. I loved the first book, Blackbringer (read it twice in six months, in fact) and can't wait to meet Hirik and Whisper and explore more of the fantastic faery world that Ms. Taylor's created.

And yet, the author writes about the same book in a previous post:

I was on a really different track when I started writing [Silksinger] and it wasn't working out. It took FORTITUDE to keep going and find the right story. In fact, I think if that book had not been under contract as part of a two-book deal, I may not have written it. It was hard. (Imagine that said in a pitiful whine.) I'd have given up; I'm sure of it. But I didn't, and the book exists, and I love it. So: hurray!!!

I found this really encouraging. I know a lot of authors are afraid to talk about the difficulties of writing a particular book for fear of sounding whiny, or not appreciating what a privilege it is just to get published, or giving people a bad impression of the book's quality. Nobody wants to be the kind of author who turns off fans and potential readers by being negative all the time, and it's all too easy to tip that balance.

But on the other hand, it can be a tremendous encouragement to other writers who are struggling if they can see that we've struggled too. And I think it's possible to talk about these things in a way that is honest but doesn't wallow in self-pity or make the books we're working on sound like junk -- I think Laini Taylor has done an excellent job of that very thing. I'm actually more excited now to read Silksinger, knowing what a challenge it was for her and how hard she worked to make it the best book it could be.

What do you think about this -- fellow writers, readers, editors, agents? Do you get turned off when authors talk about difficulties with their writing process? Is there a right and a wrong way to do this kind of thing, or do you think it's better just not to do it at all?
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