R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

My life in tweets

  • 10:25 gave 5 stars to Catalyst - tinyurl.com/83w5l3
  • 10:42 Late morning and I am still in my PJs, have done NO work of any kind, what is WRONG with me?
  • 14:28 House vacuumed, shower taken, am out of PJs and have finally stopped crying over CATALYST... progress at last!
  • 19:16 Made poppy seed cake using new stand mixer. Mixed it low speed & forgot high, afraid it would turn out heavy, but doesn't seem so. Yay?
  • 21:01 Reading KNIFE aloud to my two oldest sons (at their insistence -- and amazingly they don't seem bored yet) = very strange experience.
  • 22:11 The Wild Swans are still making music! They are invincible / I am in awe (tinyurl.com/9l4j8b).
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