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Not so quiet news for a quiet Friday night

I have terrible timing on these things. I really ought to wait until, say, Monday or Tuesday when people are no longer bothering with this nonsense of having families and/or social lives.

On the other hand, if I share this news at a time when hardly anybody is checking LiveJournal, maybe people will think it means I am modest and retiring. I like that idea, so let's run with it.

German rights for both Spell Hunter and its sequel Wayfarer have sold to a very fine publishing house called Hanser, which has made a nice thing of Angie Sage's Septimus Heap books over there, and seems eager to try and do the same for my Faery Rebels.

I am extremely pleased about this, as it means a great many relatives and friends on my husband's side will now be able to read my book in their own country and language. Tentative pub date is some time in 2010.

Between this and the UK deal for Wayfarer last week, I must say I am having a rather splendid December!
Tags: foreign rights, knife, publishing, wayfarer
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