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"New Yorker," said the author, "why are you so dumb?"

My fellow Deb carrie_ryan, author of the fabulously named The Forest of Hands and Teeth (which I will be reading in ARC form very soon! w00t!) writes thoughtfully (and snarkily) about the New Yorker's latest article on "young adult" literature.

Like Carrie says, I have no problems with people criticizing YA if they have actually read a few books in the genre (that is, books written within the last five to ten years, as opposed to calling on vague memories of what passed for YA thirty years ago). I may disagree with their opinions (or not), but at least I don't have to facepalm over their sheer ignorance...

ETA: More great discussion (including the comments!) over at dpeterfreund's entry on the subject of anti-YA prejudice.

ETA2: And erinbow also contributes some thoughts worth reading.
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