R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Tweets for Today

  • 08:09 Note to self: read the OCTAVIAN NOTHING books. Keep forgetting to look for them in bookstores, clearly made of fail here. #
  • 14:04 is reading Castle in the Air #
  • 15:45 read Castle in the Air #
  • 17:07 We can has snow! And surprising amounts of it. #
  • 19:00 Apparently Edmund Gosse made parts of his autobiography up. His Dad was NOT a Shakespeare-despising philistine: tinyurl.com/6chmwz #
  • 19:05 Link below came from Googling "Plymouth Brethren in literature". Result = not good. Gen'l ignorance & prejudice re PBs appalling. To arms! #
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