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Three Lists

What I Have To Do Today:
  • Catch up on my writing of Wayfarer, which is now nearly two weeks behind schedule
  • Grocery shopping (including buying food for 70 people for Saturday's church picnic)
  • Laundry (3 loads -- IN PROGRESS)
  • Strip and remake beds
  • Take toddler outside to play
  • Make spaghetti sauce for dinner
  • Take kids to music lessons
  • Pick and practice a solo for the concert on Sunday
  • Polish up my Acknowledgements and Dedications for Knife

What I Feel Like Doing Today:
  • Sleeping
  • Crying
  • Eating large quantities of chocolate

What I Have Actually Done Today:
  • Debated with swan_tower about the Narnia books on janni's LJ
  • Written this list
  • Picked up my copy of Elizabeth Wein's The Empty Kingdom from my local indie bookseller, finally, huzzah!!!

ETA: More things done. Slowly, slowly came the earthworm into the world, as the old Swahili proverb goes...
Tags: depression, whining
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