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Sailing up the Amazon(.co.uk)

I know that Amazon sales rankings mean little to nothing in the grand scheme of things, so I wasn't planning to pay much attention to mine. I noted that when my book first went up I was somewhere in the mid 400,000's, and was content to leave it at that... but it seems some people in my family are a bit more interested. I got this message tonight from my brother (who placed the very first preorder himself, bless him):

Subject: ... and moving up!
From: Peter Anderson
Date: 10:04 PM
To: "Anderson, Rebecca"

*Amazon.co.uk Sales Rank:* 144,778 in Books

And that was all.

I suspect there can't be more than three or four people who have preordered the book at this point, so what does that say for the 250,000 or so books with a lower ranking than mine? There have to be a whole lot of books not being bought out there...

ETA the following morning:


Aw, you guys... *toes dirt bashfully*
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