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How much do I rock? I ROCK.

My third round of revisions on Knife, the Hunter are DONE. It took a phone call to my editor to be sure I understood what the problems were and got some ideas on how to fix them, but once we'd talked that through, making the changes wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd feared.

In case anyone's interested in the process, here's my revision experience so far:

REVISION #1 (December '07-February '08):
Work required: Major structural and plot changes, changed main characters from adults to mid-teens
Length: Reduced from 104K to 94K
Total time to completion: Nine weeks (working 2-3 hours a day)

REVISION #2 (April '08):
Work required: Streamline and clarify plot, full line edit to fix pacing and clarity issues
Length: Reduced from 94K to 74K
Total time to completion: Three weeks (working 2-3 hours a day)

REVISION #3 (May '08):
Work required: Several additions and clarifications, minor line edits
Length: Only slightly reduced to 73K
Total time to completion: Four days (working 3-4 hours a day)

Coming up next should be copyedits, where a new editor looks at the ms. and marks it up for punctuation and grammar, while also noting continuity and fact-checking issues. And once that's done, oh glory, they'll send me galleys and I'll get to see how my story will look in actual typeset, book-quality print!

And also: *wrings hands* OUCH.
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