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DOCTOR WHO: "The Doctor's Daughter"

I actually... kind of loved that?

I mean, the plot was rushed like whoa (it really should have been a two-parter, with some more Running Around Bits and some slower scenes to balance out the emotional action) but it was fun and Georgia Moffett is a bit splendid really.

Still, every time the Doctor holds himself up as a role model for peacefulness and non-violence I have to facepalm. A lot.

I think this is yet another prime example of why I should never bother reading anyone else's reviews until after I've made up my own mind about the episode (and I don't mean just DW, I mean any show). So many many times the episodes I've been led to believe are junk turn out to be quite enjoyable, while the episodes that get touted as brilliant frequently leave me cold, or worse, enraged.
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