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Page 123 Meme

I always did like this meme, and now I've been double-tagged so I'm going to do it twice.

Grab the nearest book, open to page 123, find the fifth sentence. Then post the next three sentences. Tag five people and post a comment to the person who tagged you (your taggees will post to you).

For megancrewe, this is from A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith a.k.a. sartorias, which has the worst cover art and design ever*, but is a quite charming book if you can get past that:

A quick shadow flitted across the other side of the window. What had to be the other parent bird darting at a third bird, larger, with bright red and yellow feathers. Again and again it darted, warbling a loud, excited fall of notes, until the strange bird flew off, skimming over the treetops.

And for anywherebeyond, from Sarah Beth Durst's Into the Wild:

"Thanks for saving my life and all that. Can we leave now? Please?"

I tag:

Though you may of course feel free to ignore the tag if you like.

* I'm sorry, sartorias! But it really is awful, and doesn't do your delightful story and diverse cast of characters justice.
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