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DOCTOR WHO: "Partners in Crime"

I have nothing in particular to say about this episode -- it was basically just setup for getting the Doctor and Donna back together. The sight-gag at the beginning with the two of them constantly duplicating each other's movements and missing each other by inches/moments went on far too long for my taste and wasn't that funny to begin with, IMO. Everything else worth noting has already been said by other people like lizbee and calapine.

I do, however, desperately want a little Adipose of my very own. An icon will suffice. An animated one with the Adipose either skipping down the street or waving and smiling would be best of all: if anybody finds one in their travels, please let me know.

Oh, one more thing: did someone run over David Tennant with a bus between seasons? Seriously, he's looking kind of... worn out these days. Unless it is Plot, which it might be considering that Donna even remarked on it. In which case, well done BBC Makeup Dept., I guess.

Wait, two more things. Dear RTD: Close Encounters of the Third Kind called. They want their ship back.
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