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Random Blake's 7 Thoughts

I am three episodes into S2 of Blake's 7 and sadly, I have gone from quite liking Blake and being mystified as to why he is not more popular, to actively wanting to smack him around. I have also gone from thinking the scripts coherent and effective if a bit over-explanatory at times to finding them annoyingly cryptic and at times utterly baroque. Chris Boucher, what have you done with Terry Nation and how soon can we get him back?

On the other hand, no script or characterization hiccup can be worse than the awful spectre of Travis Mark 2. Not that Travis Mark 1 was in any way a good thing (or a good actor), but the replacement actor has already eclipsed him in terms of total lameness. Also, much as Servalan should have been fabulous, the mere fact that she keeps Travis around makes her look like a joke.

And speaking of Servalan, my word, the costume designer has gone mad. Which is not to say that I don't actively covet Jenna's royal blue dress with the starburst brooches from "Weapon". But then, Jenna always does get the best outfits -- or nearly always. Have I mentioned lately that Jenna is fabulous? Because she still is. Cally whatever -- and I do mean that, much as it pains me. On the other hand, Avon/Cally is looking more and more like canon, which is entertaining. (Not to be confused with Blake/Jenna, which practically is canon, even though he's being a prat lately and doesn't deserve her.)

I was starting to wonder if I liked Avon, but after "Horizon" I've decided he's my second favorite character after all. (Jenna is first. Yes, really.) I wish he'd stop picking on Vila, though. I enjoy the Blake-Avon tension and mutual assured snarkitude, but Vila is too easy a target.

Orac is not very useful for a superintelligent computer capable of drawing on the memory banks of any other computer in the universe, is he? Just saying.

And now to bed.
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