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Fantasy Casting Serendipity

I heard on the radio that Canadian figure skater Jeffrey Buttle had won gold in the World Championships this year. I'd never seen the guy or even heard of him before -- I've been out of the skating (toe) loop for quite a few years now -- but I figured hey, this is what YouTube is all about, so I went and looked him up.

And not only does it turn out he skated his winning long program to music by a lifelong friend of my brother's, soundtrack composer Mychael Danna -- it also turns out he's the closest living resemblance I've yet seen to my male MC from Knife, Paul McCormick. (Yeah, I know I said that about Alex Pettyfer, but even though he's the right age, he's a little too pretty to be credible as anything but a model or an actor. Whereas Jeffrey, though about eight years too old for the part, looks more like a human being who might actually not have spent his entire life posing for pictures.)

Anyway, for my fellow skating fans, here's the long program:

Jeffrey Buttle

Jeffrey Buttle 2

Though unfortunately I don't have any stills of him large enough to make a good icon, so I'll just stick with The Prettyfer for now...
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