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snowrabbitses asked me to explain five of my userpics, so here are the ones she picked:


PhotobucketFearfully and Wonderfully Made
The quote comes from Psalm 139:14: "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." It's such a beautiful phrase, I think, to describe the wonders of the human body and especially the growth of new life inside the womb.

I made this one when I was expecting my third son, to use when posting about the pregnancy to my journal and related LJ comms. I've continued to use it since for family-related posts.

PhotobucketDoctor Who - Five - Expletives
I love the Fifth Doctor. Everybody knows that, right? Lance Parkin's Cold Fusion was a Fifth Doctor Missing Adventure novel I bought in the mid 90's and promptly fell in love with. Not only was it quick-paced, witty and full of action, it was the closest thing I'd ever read to a romance (albeit a heartbreaking one) for Five. All this and the Seventh Doctor, Roz and Chris too! I've seen the book being sold for some staggering amount on eBay since, but if anyone wants my copy they'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

Anyway, this was a quote from the novel that struck me as absolutely perfect for Five -- so often he looks like he's frustrated enough to swear but it's just not in his nature to do so. And since I know exactly how that feels, it was a perfect icon for me to use in frustrated or angry moments as well.

PhotobucketDoctor Who - Nine - Desolation
I made this right after "Bad Wolf" aired, as the stricken expression on Nine's face as he looks at what he believes to be Rose's ashes just gutted me. It's been a long time since I was a card-carrying U2 fan, but I loved their early music (and some of their later singles as well -- I just haven't bothered to buy or really listen to any of their albums since The Unforgettable Fire) and these lyrics from "Bad" struck me as a perfect match for the image.

It's a good icon for when I'm feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, and have to remind myself to "let it go".

Aslan - LamentationsNarnia - Aslan - Lamentations
The words were written by the prophet Jeremiah, lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem. Handel, however, uses it in Messiah to speak of the sorrows of Christ, in a lesser-known part of the oratorio that shatters me every time I hear it. So when I saw the screencap of Aslan bound and lying on his side, waiting for the Witch's minions to shave him, that verse came immediately into my mind and I knew I had to icon it.

I use it for sad posts and comments, though guardedly -- it seems blasphemous somehow to use it for anything that isn't very serious... something bigger and deeper and more spiritual than just me having a bad day.

10th Doctor - No Second ChancesDoctor Who - Ten - No Second Chances
I made this icon in my first blush of enthusiasm for David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. I'd been half-dreading "The Christmas Invasion" in case his Ten ended up a weak, silly shadow of Christopher Eccleston's intense, damaged Nine. But when I saw this scene, I realized that Ten wasn't just a manic chatterbox -- he could be hard, ruthless, even scary. "No second chances. That's the kind of man I am." And at the time, I went "Ooh."

Unfortunately, that aspect of his character has been so badly played since that it's lost what little appeal it had to begin with. But despite a host of flawed scripts that often show his Doctor in the worst possible light, I still think David Tennant is the bomb, and I love his grim, determined expression in this pic.

I sometimes use it for comments where I'm being particularly tough or blunt.


That's the lot. Anyone else care to play?
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