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A boy named Rossamund; B7 Update

Since I still fail at the promised book reviews, why don't you have a very fine one of carbonelle's in the meantime? I just read D.M. Cornish's Foundling a couple of weeks ago myself, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Meanwhile, my husband and I are still watching an episode of Blake's 7 every night, and slowly working our way through S1. Tonight's was a good old-fashioned murder mystery, marred only by the inexplicable stupidity of Blake in haring halfway across the galaxy without bothering to double-check his cargo first. Another sad case of Idiot Plot, but since Blake is not ordinarily an idiot (at least not in my estimation) I'll trust that this won't happen again... too often.

As for the rest of the crew:

Dear Avon: You smile like a shark. Please stop doing it, it creeps me out.

Dear Cally: I am relieved to find that you are capable of getting through an entire episode without endangering yourself or the other crew members. Keep it up.

Dear Vila: HEE.

Dear Jenna: Even when you don't do much, you are kind of awesome. How do you do that?

Dear Gan: Uh... I got nothing. But I like you OK, anyway.

No Servalan this episode, which is a bummer. I haven't seen such fabulous fashion sense since Romana I... oh, wait.

Off to bed now...
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