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On a happier note (literally!)

I've occasionally mentioned before that I sing as part of a vocal duo, performing at church services and conferences and so on. My fellow singer/pianist Marsha and I have been working together for the last three years, and we'd had so many people ask us whether we had a CD that we finally decided to do one. So since last September, we've been getting together every month or so to record at a private studio.

The album isn't finished yet -- we only have four tracks out of fourteen mixed so far -- but last session our producer gave us a copy of the rough mixes to take home, and it was neat to see how they turned out. So today, in a fit of presumptuous enthusiasm, I set up a MySpace Music page for our duo and stuck the samples up on it.

If you're listening to the samples and wondering which voice is mine, I sing the higher part most of the time; in "He Takes Away" I sing the solo on the second verse that begins "Behold Him rise, the glorious Son..." and in "Depth of Mercy" it's my voice on the line "Would not hearken to His calls".

Now back to house-cleaning and other such exciting activities...
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