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In which "7" gets all up in everyone's fries, and I make an embarrassing confession

cesario shared this synesthesia-themed Dinosaur Comic with me a few days ago and I got a huge kick out of it.

Also, I just watched the two-hour due South pilot (yeah, I know, I'm a little behind) and I very much fear that I may be falling in love with this show. Which is kind of ludicrous seeing how snootily I disdained it when it was actually on my television, because, y'know, Canadian TV = teh suck in 99% of all cases, and the descriptions I'd read of the show just didn't grab me. But the sheer quirky insanity of the thing, plus a kind of warped Canadian patriotism, has won me over. Also, dead Gordon Pinsent = win.

My seven-year-old is an even more ardent fan, however, and having now seen a couple of S3 episodes he adamantly insists that Ray V. is superior to Ray K. In fact, any time I start a new episode, he demands to know whether it's "the proper Ray" or not.
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