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My subconscious is a very strange place

I blame cesario entirely for the fact that last night I had a long, romantical (yet curiously plotty and action-packed) Fraser/Thatcher dream, in which neither of the Rays were present and I was the friend trying to get Fraser and Thatcher together -- in spite of the fact that I have only ever seen one complete episode of Due South in my life, and less than three seconds of Thatcher.

And now I have a craving to see a good Fraser/Thatcher vid. Are there any? Though given the omnipresent slashiness of the fandom, I'm sure it's too much to hope.


Since we're talking about random TV shows, here are the ones my seven-year-old son has been enjoying of late:
  • Due South (he's crushed that we can't find any more episodes -- I may have to invest in a DVD)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise (I have no idea why he likes Archer, but he does)
  • MacGyver (my son's ideal action hero -- he builds stuff and then blows stuff up. What's not to love?)
  • Top Gear (I myself am endlessly amused by this show, especially the one where they made amphibious vehicles and then tried to drive them across the English Channel).
Ah, the internets. What would we do without you?


And finally, for those impatiently waiting for the report, I will recap my visit to NYC soon, honest. Maybe even today.
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