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Virtual Housecleaning & Revision Update

I've just done a bit of end-of-year defriending, for the sake of better keeping up with my f-list. If I removed you, it was for one or two or several of the following reasons:
  1. We have never talked to each other directly or met in any personal capacity, virtual or otherwise;
  2. You hadn't friended me back anyway, so I figured you wouldn't mind;
  3. You haven't posted to your LJ or commented on any of my posts in aeons, so I'm guessing you've moved on;
  4. We no longer seem to share any common interests or fandoms;
  5. Your posts are mostly about a fandom I like, but no longer have time for;
  6. You are persistently involved in some kind of fandom drama and much as I may like you otherwise, I'd rather not hear any more of that;
  7. You are a community or professional journal in which I regrettably lack the time to participate as a good member ought.
In any case, no ill will is intended toward any of the parties involved; I tip my hat to you and wish you well. And in the same spirit, I declare amnesty to anyone who has been thinking about defriending me but holding off for fear I would be offended. Fly, my friend! Be free! Perhaps our paths will cross again some day.

Now I must run and do some more revision on Knife. Middle of Chapter Eight, some 35,000 words in! Rewriting huge chunks of text! And still enjoying it, which is the most surprising and gratifying thing of all.
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