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Perfect Timing

Got two fantastic packages in the mail today, just in time for Christmas.

First, a lovely calendar from avarill full of wild animal photographs, which my kids were very impressed by -- all the more so when I told them "Aunt Sylvia" took the photos herself!

Second, a ginormous box from cesario, which was full of FANTABULOUS BOOTY including at least three kinds of homemade fudge (NOM NOM NOM), a copy of Writing Down the Bones, a canister of fancy tea (Ginger Peach, YUM), her old CD player (since she overheard me lamenting that mine had died) and -- AND AND AND --

Handmade felt dolls of Dr. Sebastian Faraday and my heroine Alison Jeffries, from Touching Indigo. Not only is Faraday magnificently messy-haired and sloppy-jacketed, but Alison's hair is as close to the right color as I've ever seen. Why? Because cesario ROCKS, that's why.


Look at her little hoop earrings! His soulful indigo eyes! The little notebook sticking out of his pocket!


You may notice in the picture below that Alison is carrying her heart in her hand, and that it is hard and crystalline and contains all sorts of shifting colors. THIS IS NOT SYMBOLIC AT ALL.


Seriously, I am overwhelmed. Thank you SO much, both of you!
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