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Better and Worse

First, the better:

My call to Air Miles went smoothly, and although their records showed that the mistake was my fault, they waived their change fee and I only had to pay the airline change fee ($40) to get the flight moved from Monday at 4:30 to Sunday at 2:30. I'll have to miss the last couple of sessions at the SCBWI conference, but oh well.

Anyway, I have learned my lesson: no matter what you say to the travel agent, make sure you listen VERY CAREFULLY to what they repeat back to you. Or perhaps even more importantly, don't try to book something as important as an airline flight on the phone when you have three small boys rampaging around your feet.

Second, the worse:

I called the courier to give them the information they'd need to make delivery. To my considerable surprise, the lady on the phone informed me coolly that they had already made two attempts and would not be returning to my address.

"But I only received one notification of delivery," I protested. "And it says that this was their first attempt on Friday, November 30th and that they would try again on Monday."

"We've been there twice already," she repeated. "The first call was Thursday. I can put in a request to my supervisor to make another attempt, but it'll be 24-48 hours to process."

So, five days to deliver a one-day parcel. Not good.

"Or," she said, "you can pick it up from our depot at [town an hour's drive away]."

We are currently in the middle of some serious snow-and-ice weather which led to the boys' school being cancelled today. So... not so much with the picking-up-myself thing.

My only hope is that the driver is more merciful than the dispatcher, and that he will be true to his word and try again today. On the other hand, that's assuming he doesn't end wheels-up in a ditch halfway between the depot and my house (it really is nasty out there).

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