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Oh dear.

So my husband comes in from his shed/workshop*, where he's been working all evening on a barn-shaped toy cabinet for our oldest son, and we have the following exchange:

H: I thought when I started that this was going to be a small project, but I seem to have got a bit carried away.

Me: O RLY?

H: Yeah. Now I know why the Mennonites get everybody together to do these things.

Me: ... They do that for REAL barns. Not TOY barns.

H: They'd do it for this one.

Me: *facepalm*

I suppose I could go out to the shed and look for myself, but right now I'm thinking I might be happier just not knowing...

* which many visitors mistake for the house next door, or possibly a summer cottage we couldn't be bothered to buy extra property for, but that's another story.
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