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Things that are WIN

And all of them are of a Doctor Who nature. How very neat and topical!

First, my result on the Companion Quiz:

Your Score: Sarah Jane

You scored 20% strength, 56% intelligence, 61% friendliness, and 57% escapology!

You are Sarah Jane. You are clever without being arrogant, adventurous without being impatient, and resourceful while still being naive enough to want to stick around with the old geezer. If The Doctor had favorites, you'd be it. Actually, he does have favorites - and you're it.

You and The Doctor have formed a fast companionship. You've far outlasted most of his other companions, though The Doctor would probably never admit it. Still, though, you could do without some of The Doctor's stand-offish-ness and the roughness of constantly fighting monsters. Maybe one of these days, you can put that journalism degree to use, and start having adventures of your own...

Link: The Doctor Who Companion Test written by lobotomy42 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Then there is the Dalek Pumpkin, which has to be one of the best ideas ever. Once you've looked at the design specs, make sure to watch the YouTube video of it trundling around the kitchen. I want one RIGHT NOW.


Finally, a conversation in calapine's journal inspired me with a highly amusing new theory regarding Rose. Unfortunately, it kind of depends on the Big Finish audios being canon, but that's not too much of a stretch really, is it? Especially with BF stories being adapted for New Who, and all those canonical actors doing the voices.

Anyway, I hereby propose that Rose is Nine's subconscious attempt to find a substitute for Charley.

You know, Charley? Pert young blonde, a little naive but courageous, resourceful and completely devoted to the Doctor? Not to mention the only companion to whom he has ever made a declaration of romantic love? (No, really. He did. He also tried to sacrifice his life for her and said he would have let the universe burn for her sake. I swear I am not making this up.)

So Eight/Charley, totally canon. And then Gallifrey Go Boom (thank you, taraljc) and somehow Charley goes missing and Eight's brain gets scrambled as he regenerates into Nine, so that he doesn't remember her (because otherwise, he would still be out there looking for her, not footling about on Earth picking up new companions).

Now what does Nine do? As soon as he meets another pert young blonde with a bit of spunk and loyalty, he imprints onto her like a duckling. And he sacrifices his life for her. Only it's no good in the end, because he regenerates into a different sort of bloke and when the time comes to say the words, Ten just can't do it. Why? Because deep down in his hearts of hearts, he knows. She isn't Charley.

And it's just like he said in LoTL -- "I've been alone ever since." Not since he lost Rose. Since he lost Gallifrey -- and his one true canonical love.

*wipes away crystal tear*

Seriously, though, it makes at least as much sense as some of the other theories I've seen out there. I like it. *nods emphatically*
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