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SARAH JANE ADVENTURES: "Revenge of the Slitheen" (1x01/02)

For the record, I hate the !@&*%) Slitheen. Seriously, worst monsters ever. I was really hoping I'd never have to see them again. But on the other hand, Lis Sladen is just that fab, so I gritted my teeth and watched.

And, you know, it wasn't that bad. In fact, I liked it better than the previous story.

Clyde is an engaging if perhaps a little too conspicuously flawed character, and an interesting addition to the team. I really think the showrunners need to stop and think before they do a character arc in which Clyde is found to be somehow Not Worthy and gets cut from the roster, though. And I fear that's where they may be heading. Also, Maria's mother is a bit too clubbable to be legit. And I don't mean "clubbable" in the sense of "good company at a nightclub" either. Personally I was thinking of a nice heavy cudgel, with spikes.

On a more positive note, the supporting cast seems to have honed their acting skills since the pilot. And wow, Luke really is a mini-Doctor, isn't he? Only not so mini, as he seems to have grown quite a bit, in that vaguely disturbing Daniel Radcliffe kind of way. (Only with less hair, thank goodness.)

And cryptile has already said pretty much everything else I might be tempted to say.
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