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Transcription: My first audio blog post, and it'll probably be my last one too, so enjoy it. :)

This weekend we had the big performance with the choir that I was so anxious about, and as it happened, it turned out rather well, and we actually enjoyed ourselves, and the songs came off quite well, and we were even asked to do it again some time in February, so I think maybe we will do that, and around that time of year I shouldn't be quite so stressed.

Nicholas did a good job in the Christmas pageant: he was a sheep, and stood up at the very beginning with part of a welcome sign and bellowed "WELCOME TO OUR CHRISTMAS PAGEANT!" in a very hostile manner, just as his father had taught him to do, so we were all very proud of that (*chuckle*) and anyway, then we stuffed ourselves with food and came home!

Not much else to report: I'm getting my original novel Knife ready for sending out, for publication hopefully, and we'll see what happens with that -- anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you and a happy New Year!
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