R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Status Report

It is my birthday, and I am 34 years old, which seems like an odd number to me for some reason (yes, I am aware that technically it's an even one -- even my math skills are not that bad). And all would be lovely, except that I have this sort of yucky cold/flu thing which makes me feel tired and achy, and my kids seem to be coming down with it as well.

However, even if we can't drop the kids at my parents' place and have a quiet dinner as we'd hoped, we're still going out to a local Indian restaurant and having birthday cake afterward. Also, hubby bought me a very nice cordless phone (at my request -- not one of these Clueless Guy Things, honest) and I've had some nice cards and a sweet present from my thoughtful sister-in-law. Plus I have now well and truly finished Big Project. So... life is OK.
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