R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Yay! Argh. Huzzah! Ugh, etc.

I haven't been around very much lately (no, really? Duh.) because I've been using practically every spare moment to work on editing Knife.

I'm up to Chapter Nine now (nearly halfway there!), and as of two days ago I was really feeling quite exhilarated about the way it was turning out. I've had some great comments and criticisms from a friend who's reading the story for the first time, and I've found her help invaluable in getting the book into shape.

That being said, Chapter Nine is driving me insane. It's one of the most important chapters in the book, and I was never quite satisfied with it; although I think I'm moving in the right direction now, I can't look at the thing any more without grinding my teeth. I may be here a while, folks...
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