R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Two Weeks and Counting...

Well, it might be a little more than two weeks until the big moving day, but probably not a whole lot more. I'm boxing up books and some of our lesser-used items -- I had all kinds of good intentions of sorting through the stuff and getting rid of anything we didn't use, but as it's turned out I'm just throwing everything into boxes and taping them up willy-nilly. Maybe I'll do the sorting on the other end. (Ha ha.)

Speaking of the move, I learned yesterday that we won't be able to get DSL at our new home for a long time -- could be up to two years before it's available in that subdivision. I'm looking into cable Internet, but it seems horribly expensive (and all the more so if you don't have cable TV, which we don't and won't). Plus, can you network a cable connection so that two computers can use it, the way you can with DSL? And are there any highspeed alternatives to DSL and cable that I'm not aware of?

I am having such a horrible time with Chapter Sixteen of Knife. It's another of these pivotal chapters, it definitely needs work, and everything I do with it feels wrong. I've been avoiding it for a week now -- well, not completely avoiding it, but finding lots of other things to do before I get around to looking at the chapter, tinkering with it a bit, then giving up in despair and wandering off again. Sigh. I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually, but in the meantime, it's very discouraging. I tell myself it's just because I've got so many other things on my mind, and that as soon as we're settled in the new house things will be better, but...

Choir practice at the chapel has started up again, as I'm teaching them two new songs for the Christmas program this year. They're a great group to work with, though, so I don't begrudge the extra time. We'll be singing a very nice if somewhat complicated arrangement of "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly", and also "It Came Upon The Midnight Clear" to an alternate tune.

My renovation-loving husband is downstairs putting the finishing touches on the new door he installed into our laundry room. If we're going to be renting out the top floor of this house to some tenants, they'll need their own access to the laundry, so he knocked out the closet at the foot of our stairs and put a door in instead. I'm amazed by how quickly and well he can do these things... and thankful for it, too. Now we just have to find a nice quiet retired couple or something to take over our part of the house once we move out...
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