R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson


Okay, so it is pretty depressing to discover that in spite of only having gained four pounds in the past ten weeks, I am already "showing" and that virtually none of my pants, even the loose ones, fit me comfortably any more. But hey, this is my third pregnancy, I can deal. It just means I have to trot off to my local Sears and check out their maternity dept., right?

Apparently not. My local Sears, while offering every possible brand name of female clothing for every conceivable age group, including plus sizes, does not choose to carry maternity clothing. Not so much as one measly rack's worth, in fact.

Fine, says I, I'll go across the road to Zellers. Their clothes may be cheap in both senses of the word, but at least they might have something I could use, and I know that they have a maternity section.

Only... they don't. Between my last pregnancy and this one, Zellers kindly decided that no more women could possibly be planning to get pregnant in this particular town, and got rid of their maternity department altogether.

So now, there is not one single store in this entire town of 30,000 people that carries maternity clothing, except for one tiny consignment shop and my local Goodwill. The former overcharges for used merchandise; the latter offers little selection and poor quality. So if I want, say, just a basic pair of maternity jeans, I have to drive for 45 minutes just to find a place that might sell them.

Considering that I don't enjoy shopping at the best of times and that any shopping I might be forced to do is complicated by being obligated to haul along two preschoolers who enjoy it even less than I -- well, I'm feeling a mite peevish right now.
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