R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Blueberries II: Electric Crispaloo

Well, I ended up making Wild Blueberry Crisp from a recipe on this page. I was a bit skeptical when I started making it as it was hard to imagine a "crisp" which didn't call for rolled oats anywhere in the recipe, but at the same time the ingredients only required only 3 cups of my precious blueberry hoard, thus enabling me to enjoy a couple of days of blueberries and milk, blueberries on cereal, blueberries in fruit salad, etc. Whereas if I'd blown the whole lot on an experimental pie or other dessert and it didn't turn out so well, I'd have been pretty disappointed.

Fortunately, my skepticism about the recipe proved unjustified. If I were going to be nitpicky I'd be more inclined to call it a "crumble" than a "crisp", as the topping is more like a slightly crunchy sugar-crumb crust than the usual more substantial crisp fare. But the taste was superb, and my pickiest child gobbled down two bowls, not even asking for more ice cream to go with the second batch. It might be a little over-sweet (or perhaps I was just too liberal with my dusting of icing sugar once it had cooled) but on the whole, I'd call it a success.
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