R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Jesus Wants Me For a Soybean

So we went to church this morning and apparently in the Sunday School opening, after singing an old favorite, the songleader decided to ask the younger kids a simple question. "What is a sunbeam?"

And five-year-old Nicholas, who loves farm equipment and has long been fascinated by his Dad's occupation as an agrarian specialist, shot his hand up into the air. "I know!" he crowed. "I know what a soybean is!"

Needless to say, much laughter ensued, particularly from the adults present who knew what my husband does for a living.

Later around the lunch table, I was relating this story to my parents, who were much amused. A few minutes later, I was tidying up the dishes when we all heard three-year-old Simon singing his own, corrected version of the same chorus:

"Jesus wants me for a sunscreen..."

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