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Blog Rec: Mini Proportions

I found this blog via Josh at The Comics Curmudgeon, who posted some links to his own favorite blogs a couple of weeks back. The author is an American recently moved to Vancouver, and she looks at life in Canada from a fresh and frequently hilarious perspective. Her entries describe Canadian situations and attitudes she perceives as quite bizarre, but the humour is never mean-spirited, and she pokes fun at herself just as readily.

A sample, from a recent entry:

The Caesar descriptions [in the restaurant menu] sounded so fun that I turned to TW and exclaimed, “Why had I never heard of Clamato before?!” After much thought and consideration of the choices I opted for the “Maple Caesar” because I thought the addition of maple syrup to a clam juice based drink would be a taste sensation like no other.

When the drink arrived I immediately took a sip. At first blush my mouth and lips experienced a savory, fishy, and tangy zing. This taste was surprisingly smooth and crisp. The second blush, however, was indescribable. The drinks aftertaste was a cross between a sugary sweet syrup and liquid fish.

When the server came by the table to ask how I was enjoying the drink I looked at her and said, “Do many people actually order the Maple Caesar?” She looked at me and said, “A sucker is born every day and I guess today is your birthday.”


I had only to read a few entries and I was hooked by Little G's charming, deftly written prose, so I'm very glad to see that she updates on a regular basis and that this blog doesn't look likely to be abandoned any time soon.

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