R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Setback and Feedback

I've been feeling a bit of an ache in my wrist for a while, but in the last few days my carpal tunnel syndrome has come back with a vengeance. My right arm burns and throbs all the way to the shoulder, and it's getting hard to sleep on that side. I wore my brace today hoping it would help the pain, but it's actually made it worse, or so it seems.

I'm hoping that I can avoid yet another round of physiotherapy, but that will require some lifestyle changes, including spending less time on the computer. Which stinks, as I was just getting back into the creative groove. But what can you do?

* * *

A note to those who read this blog via the LiveJournal syndicated feed: please be aware that when you comment over on the LJ side, there's a real possibility that I'll never read your comment or know that it exists.

The reason for this is that LJ doesn't treat the syndicated feed as belonging to anyone in particular (because anyone can create a feed for anyone else's blog/site) so it sends me no notifications for comments left on that feed. As a result, I have to remember to manually click over and check the syndicated version of my blog posts on the LJ side just in case anyone's commented, and I don't always remember to do that (much less to do it more than once for the same post).

So if you've posted a comment to the LJ feed in the past and I've not replied, don't think I'm ignoring you -- it's more likely that I never saw it. But in future, if you want to be sure that I'll see and respond to your comments on this blog, you need to come over here to leave your comment, OK? Thanks.

Ow. *wrings hand*
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