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Fics in Progress

Nicholas has gone to bed, so I finally can write something that might conceivably interest my readers, if I have any (peers sceptically into distance).

Now that I'm finished War Wounds, I have a couple of other HP fics in mind, at least one of which I hope to have written before the new baby arrives in early June. (BTW, if anybody is wondering why I keep putting in the Sugar Quill links for my stories instead of the FictionAlley links, it's because the SQ one is the only one I can remember off the top of my head, and I'm just too lazy to go and look the other up.)

The first fic, which I've already written quite a bit on, is tentatively called Lessons and is a collaboration with Erica H. Smith, a dear friend and an absolutely magnificent author (if you have not read her fics, go now!). It concerns Snape and Maud, and takes place nearly a year after the events of If We Survive, but that's about all I'll say just now.

The other fic... well, that involves a spoiler for "Lessons" that I don't feel like giving out just yet. I am hoping it won't turn into a trilogy on me or anything unworkable like that, but it will also involve Snape and Maud, though in a more peripheral role (neither one will be the narrator, in any case). And it'll take place quite some time after anything else I've written. More I cannot say. Well, I can, but I won't. Not even if you put me in the Comfy Chair and poke me with soft cushions until I confess.
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